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Just Jess Boujee Bakery

cake comb - stripes

Matte baby pink, engraved with a subtle Just Jess logo, this comb creates a striped cake with two thickness options. Pop on a thick layer of buttercream in one colour, then use this to carve out the stripes - ice over again with another colour, and then use a straight edge comb to scrape back and you will have a stripy cake!

Tutorial reel on our Instagram here:

Please note - you WILL need a straight edged cake comb - purchase our other duo set and get this plus two other effects!

I designed these cake combs with the modern caker and at home baker in mind - they're easy to use and will help everyone to up their decorating game.

Each set of Just Jess Cake Combs contains:

1 x cake combs - two different thickness edges

250 mm H x 100 mm W approx

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