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White, engraved with a subtle Just Jess logo, these are My holy grail to creating beautiful buttercream cakes - Just Jess Cake Combs!

Introducing the first product in my range of tools that you can purchase to start creating lookalike cakes at home. My cake comb set comes with two scrapers: each has one straight edge for creating those smooth, sharp edges. They then have one scalloped side - a male and female version to create different textures on your buttercream!

I designed these cake combs with the modern caker and at home baker in mind - they're easy to use and will help everyone to up their decorating game.

I use these for almost every cake I decorate - that smooth sharp icing is the perfect base for creating a beautiful masterpiece. The scalloped sides create horizontal lines around cake tiers, which is a huge wedding trend and will help you to decorate a pinterest worthy cake at home! The scalloped edges can be used straight to create perfect lines, or rustically to create a more carefully careless look.

Used on my own wedding cake to create the lines texture! So many options with these beauties.

Each set of Just Jess Cake Combs contains:

2 x branded cake combs

250 mm H x 100 mm W approx

SHIPPING TO: NZ & Australia

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